4Paws2Love Founders

What to Expect

Matching Hearts

We will work to find the right dog that matched your family and life.  If we do not have the right dog, we will work to find you the right dog.


Fully vetted dogs.

Our dogs will be fully vetted based on age/medical.

Honesty & Professional service.

We will do our best to disclose all animal information that we have in order to help you make an informed, educated decision and find a perfect match.

Our volunteers seek to provide excellent customer service and work to match the perfect heart for your household and lifestyle.

Who We Are

We are a group of rescuers who volunteer at/with local shelters, love dogs, are thankful to work with others that want the very best for homeless dogs.  We work with local shelters and street dog organizations to help find the perfect home for dogs in our care.  4Paws2Love believes in animal education, spay/neuter, and animal advocacy.  We strive to provide you with excellent customer service in selecting a fur-friend that matches your lifestyle and needs.  We are excited to touch the lives of those in our care and do our best to serve the animals in our community.  Our goal is to help lower euthanasia rates by supporting local shelter, organizations, and street dog rescue groups.  4Paws2Love places homeless dogs into foster homes, works to help prepare the dog for their forever home by fully vetting the animal and working to teach them what real love is in a home.  Our goal is to match lives and hearts.  

4Paws2Love is a non-profit 501(c)3 that began in February 2015.  4P2L is an all volunteer rescue group and operates through support of fosters, volunteers, and donors.  We would love for you to join our rescue and help change the future of the animals in our care.  Please email info@4Paws2Love.org for more information.